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The half day

Today was rather boring.

Let's see,

Algebra: Matt got Mr. Kadish to let us do a wordsearch instead of our usual work so that's what we did. I only found about ten out of the possible thirty-something words and that was from copying Matt most of the time. I suck at wordsearches.

Little Band: Dull. Went through Elsa's. Nothing special about that.

Creative Writing: We did this writing assignment. Woopy. I made up a senerio for my next story.

Big Band: It was a study. I spent it talking with Sarah Young about those Good Old Afterschool days. Oh yeah . . . and Ronny, she brought up something, did you go to Afterschool in South Natick years ago? Also we found out Seth's secret life as a crossdresser . . . don't ask, after he and Dave Morola spent ten minutes kicking a waterbottle over our heads. Yvonne wound up getting pissed off and chased them across the stage. Twas amusing.

Psych: Failed a quiz, got a ninty on the other one. Woopy. See what studying accomplishes? I think I will study from now on, it's an amazing methhod. LOL.

In other words I think I'm getting sick. I'm absolutely freezing and my dad's house is always boiling. Also my throat is still really sore and I can barely breathe out of my nose. I think I'm going to stay home from school tomorrow. I don't have many classes anyway.

No one said anything worth quoting today.

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