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Uh . . . ?

So today:

I was sick this morning but my dad made me go to school. I hate to say it but I was kinda glad he did. A lot happened today that I would've missed if I was home.

English: Well this was one of the things I would've missed. Mr. Harmon's son was in class today. His name is Jake and he's five-years-old. He's SO CUTE. He was just sitting in the back of the room playing with his toys and coloring when Mr. Harmon was "teaching." (See we didn't exactly do anything today because Jake was in class. LOL.) Well we did get new vocab words and Jake kept on coming up to Mr. Harmon and giving him pictures he drew. It was really cute.

Next period was a priv . . . nothing to get excited about.

Algebra: We basically just hung out the whole period, prepping for our project. Yes, I said project. LOL. It's an in-class project but we have to get pictures of the net of a cartoon. Any suggestions? Oh yeah, Tricia and Kelsey helped me retake my quiz on the Ear because I did so horribly.

Lunch: Sat with Ronny, Anya, Maria, and TJ. The usual. Anyone remember what TJ said that made everyone laugh?

Little Band: We played the Klaxon and Elsa's. Ronny found amusment in putting Walker Bolin's name on the "Student of the Month" sign, actually it was Walker's late pass. It was actually kinda funny now that I think about it. LOL.

Creative Writing: Mrs. Napier's boyfriend came in and talked about his book, the beginning of it, that we read in class. It was a really good discussion and Kim Jennet was being amusing by begging David (That's Mrs. Napier's boyfriend) to tell her details to the rest of his story. Oh yeah, and I realized I'm alergic to scented candels because Mrs. Napier had one lit in her classroom and my nose immediantly stuffed up and my eyes imediantly began to water.

Now I'm home. Oh yeah, anyone want to help me with a new LJ layout? Mine's kinda dull.


"Please print your name clearly."
"Clearly that message was lost to Walker."
(Walker's late pass and then me)

"Polly want a cracker? Polly want a cracker?"
"Polly want an otopsy!"
(The weird roommate and Eric from Boy Meets World- Couldn't help myself. LOL)

And whatever it was TJ said at lunch today . . . I forget. Maria was laughing hysterically for a good five minutes.
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