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It's been a long time . . .

Okay not really but it feels like it has.

Anyhoo today:

Creative Writing: Didn't really do much, sat with Steph, Lindsay, and Lou because Josh and Karlie decided to ditch me today. LOL. Read over some short stories . . .  and I mean REALLY short stories.

Second period was spent with Anya, Maria, Jill, Scott, and Abby going through the hallways putting up signs for tonight's concert. It was some good times. Maria, or Abby, I'm not sure which one it was, stuck a piece of tape on Scott's back that he didn't notice until twenty minutes later. And we were all laughing the entire time. I think he just thought we were really giggly. LOL. Then we got back to the band room and helped Mr. Cice set up for the jazz portion of the concert. Or at least some of us did. Anya almost got her arm stuck in a random object in the wall . . . and Jill actually asked Mr. Cice to write us passes to miss third block, I had psych and Jill had physics, but he didn't do it. So much for our "He'll sign anything if it's put in front of him" theory. LOL.

Psych: Boring. Looked at some overheads.

Lunch: Sat with Danyelle, Kelly, Matty, Amanda, and Tristen.

Learning Center: Computer lab.

English: Pop quiz on the story we read last night or were supposed to read last night. Then Mr. Harmon assigned us a group project. I'm working with Ryan and Alissa.

And now I'm home.

Oh yeah, I have a favor for you guys, spazzychick96  made me two Friends Only banners and I have no idea which one to use, I'm shooting more for the first one, but I want your opinions, give me your email addresses and I'll forward the email to you and you can cast your votes. Then my journal will go friends only. Thanks guys.


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