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Aug. 27th, 2006

The Drama Twins

(no subject)

Okay everyone, I'm leaving this post public because of its reason. I just went through and did a major friends page cut. If I cut you its nothing personal its really only because

A: We hardly talk anymore
B: I never read your posts
C: You never comment on my posts
D: I never comment on your posts

This is also to block out stalkers and people who I never talk to anymore. No offense, but I just wanted a fresh start.


Aug. 8th, 2006

The Drama Twins

(no subject)

<td colspan="5" align="center" bgcolor="#FEA7C7">TABLE ONE</td> 02 End
Beginning 01
03. Fun 04. Crazy 05. Sad
06. Magic 07. Rain 08. Bright 09. Wrong 10. Right
11. Kind 12. Hero 13. Falling 14. Love 15. Break-Up
16. Regret 17. Joy 18. Reminisce 19. Home 20. Questions
21. Holding On 22. Together 23. Again 24. Hands 25. Shoulders
26. Dream 27. Fantasy 28. Past 29. Future 30. Spoon
31. Fork 32. Knife 33. Chopsticks 34. Flowers 35. Present
36. Hope 37. Charity 38. Peace 39. Trust 40. Truth
41. Postcard 42. Parlez Vous? 43. Fame 44. Snarky 45. Inner Nerd
46. Exotic 47. Tears 48. Laughter 49. Choice 50. Choice

Haha, so like a supreme idiot, I claimed the pairing of Ryan Evans and Gabriella Montez over at hsm100 so now I have to write 50 one shots on them. Woo. This should be fun, and a good way to get me back into my writing groove. I expect all of my easthighschool girls to join me over there.

Also, from now on only my hsm100 stories will be unblocked. 'Kay? Thanks.

Mar. 31st, 2005

The Drama Twins


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting **Credit to thetiptonhotel for this banner**

Mar. 29th, 2005

The Drama Twins

It's been a long time . . .

Okay not really but it feels like it has.

Anyhoo today:

Creative Writing: Didn't really do much, sat with Steph, Lindsay, and Lou because Josh and Karlie decided to ditch me today. LOL. Read over some short stories . . .  and I mean REALLY short stories.

Second period was spent with Anya, Maria, Jill, Scott, and Abby going through the hallways putting up signs for tonight's concert. It was some good times. Maria, or Abby, I'm not sure which one it was, stuck a piece of tape on Scott's back that he didn't notice until twenty minutes later. And we were all laughing the entire time. I think he just thought we were really giggly. LOL. Then we got back to the band room and helped Mr. Cice set up for the jazz portion of the concert. Or at least some of us did. Anya almost got her arm stuck in a random object in the wall . . . and Jill actually asked Mr. Cice to write us passes to miss third block, I had psych and Jill had physics, but he didn't do it. So much for our "He'll sign anything if it's put in front of him" theory. LOL.

Psych: Boring. Looked at some overheads.

Lunch: Sat with Danyelle, Kelly, Matty, Amanda, and Tristen.

Learning Center: Computer lab.

English: Pop quiz on the story we read last night or were supposed to read last night. Then Mr. Harmon assigned us a group project. I'm working with Ryan and Alissa.

And now I'm home.

Oh yeah, I have a favor for you guys, spazzychick96  made me two Friends Only banners and I have no idea which one to use, I'm shooting more for the first one, but I want your opinions, give me your email addresses and I'll forward the email to you and you can cast your votes. Then my journal will go friends only. Thanks guys.


Mar. 24th, 2005

The Drama Twins

Uh . . . ?

So today:

I was sick this morning but my dad made me go to school. I hate to say it but I was kinda glad he did. A lot happened today that I would've missed if I was home.

English: Well this was one of the things I would've missed. Mr. Harmon's son was in class today. His name is Jake and he's five-years-old. He's SO CUTE. He was just sitting in the back of the room playing with his toys and coloring when Mr. Harmon was "teaching." (See we didn't exactly do anything today because Jake was in class. LOL.) Well we did get new vocab words and Jake kept on coming up to Mr. Harmon and giving him pictures he drew. It was really cute.

Next period was a priv . . . nothing to get excited about.

Algebra: We basically just hung out the whole period, prepping for our project. Yes, I said project. LOL. It's an in-class project but we have to get pictures of the net of a cartoon. Any suggestions? Oh yeah, Tricia and Kelsey helped me retake my quiz on the Ear because I did so horribly.

Lunch: Sat with Ronny, Anya, Maria, and TJ. The usual. Anyone remember what TJ said that made everyone laugh?

Little Band: We played the Klaxon and Elsa's. Ronny found amusment in putting Walker Bolin's name on the "Student of the Month" sign, actually it was Walker's late pass. It was actually kinda funny now that I think about it. LOL.

Creative Writing: Mrs. Napier's boyfriend came in and talked about his book, the beginning of it, that we read in class. It was a really good discussion and Kim Jennet was being amusing by begging David (That's Mrs. Napier's boyfriend) to tell her details to the rest of his story. Oh yeah, and I realized I'm alergic to scented candels because Mrs. Napier had one lit in her classroom and my nose immediantly stuffed up and my eyes imediantly began to water.

Now I'm home. Oh yeah, anyone want to help me with a new LJ layout? Mine's kinda dull.


"Please print your name clearly."
"Clearly that message was lost to Walker."
(Walker's late pass and then me)

"Polly want a cracker? Polly want a cracker?"
"Polly want an otopsy!"
(The weird roommate and Eric from Boy Meets World- Couldn't help myself. LOL)

And whatever it was TJ said at lunch today . . . I forget. Maria was laughing hysterically for a good five minutes.

Mar. 23rd, 2005

The Drama Twins

The half day

Today was rather boring.

Let's see,

Algebra: Matt got Mr. Kadish to let us do a wordsearch instead of our usual work so that's what we did. I only found about ten out of the possible thirty-something words and that was from copying Matt most of the time. I suck at wordsearches.

Little Band: Dull. Went through Elsa's. Nothing special about that.

Creative Writing: We did this writing assignment. Woopy. I made up a senerio for my next story.

Big Band: It was a study. I spent it talking with Sarah Young about those Good Old Afterschool days. Oh yeah . . . and Ronny, she brought up something, did you go to Afterschool in South Natick years ago? Also we found out Seth's secret life as a crossdresser . . . don't ask, after he and Dave Morola spent ten minutes kicking a waterbottle over our heads. Yvonne wound up getting pissed off and chased them across the stage. Twas amusing.

Psych: Failed a quiz, got a ninty on the other one. Woopy. See what studying accomplishes? I think I will study from now on, it's an amazing methhod. LOL.

In other words I think I'm getting sick. I'm absolutely freezing and my dad's house is always boiling. Also my throat is still really sore and I can barely breathe out of my nose. I think I'm going to stay home from school tomorrow. I don't have many classes anyway.

No one said anything worth quoting today.


Mar. 19th, 2005

The Drama Twins

An actual update

So today was pretty good . . . at least after four.

Anya, Maria, Jill, and Ronny aka the Celtic Band Geeks, came over my house to chill because one we were bored, and two we haven't done anything with all five of us yet.

First we watched my Beowulf movie which Jill and Ronny took great pleasure in making fun of. The actual movie was funnier than the bloopers, but of course everyone loved Ryan practically "drowning" in the hot tub when Steph screamed his name. lol.

When Anya and Maria came we watched "Young Frankenstein" which of course is hilarious. We consumed a total of eight cans of ice-tea between the five of us. They also met my little brothers who came in and hung with us for about twenty minutes or so.

Oh yeah, and Maria spilled some of her ice-tea on my couch. But don't worry Maria, you didn't stain it. LOL. After everyone left Ronny hung around waiting for his mom to pick him up and we amused ourselves by playing volleyball with my brother's purple balloon. We're easily amused.

Well that's it, now for the quotes. There's a lot of them buckle up.


"How I Did It By Victor Frankenstein"
(The title of the book in the movie)

"Ronny, there are kids right next door!"
(Pretty much a reacurring comment because he was saying really inappropriot things around my three-year-old brothers)

"Yay for us without protection!"

"Why the hell are you in the bathroom? Give someone else a chance!!"
"Hey Stef, where's your bathroom?"
(Igor in the movie, then Jill...you kind of had to be there lol)

(The monster in the movie and then all of us.)

"No, I was talking about the swings! *makes humping motion*"

"Whoa that thing looks like the end of a big trumpet"
(Ronny I think . . . )

"A big stand for a big trumpet. *looks at Maria*"
(Ronny again)

"A horse's stick!"

There's more but I can't remember them all. LOL.

The Drama Twins

An update . . .

Woohoo! Survay stolen from RonnyCollapse )



The Drama Twins

Saturday morning rant

Okay so I lied. I can use the computer. For the time being at least.


This was a FUN Saturday morning. Last night my mom calls me and asks me to come over to her house on Sunday to cook something with her for my senior journey project. No big deal right? I mean it's only an hour or so with her.

Wrong. My parents had to make it into this big deal. My dad, and I can totally understand his reasoning for wanting this, thinks that because it's his day with me I should be with him, and my mom's all pissed off at both of us because I can't come.

God I hate being put in the middle of this. My mom does this all the time. My sister thinks she controdicts herself and I must say I agree. When it's Dad's vacation with us, and he wants to take us to Florida for the week she pitches a hissy fit because it somehow landed on Passover and we have to come early therefore making Dad and Judy pay for a separate flight ticket.

When we went for a whole ten days on the cruise with Mom, Dad made no objection, which was great because we couldn't talk to him at all that vacation seeing as it costed like 50 cents a minute to talk online to people. So really I could probably sent maybe one email to him. Dad wouldn't even dream of asking Mom to send us home early, and it was the boys' third birthday that weekend too and he didn't ask us to leave our vacation to go to it. Even though I felt awful about not being at the party.

Oh yeah, and when we came back and wanted to stay with Dad an extra day because we saw Mom and George all week, Mom pitched a fit. Sometimes she thinks she has full custody of us or something. Which she doesn't. We're with them half and half. I don't want to have to choose between my parents. I hate choosing between my parents. It's Dad's weekend and I should stay with Dad on his weekend and Mom on her weekend. Plain and simple. We've had this schedule since I was six years old. It hasn't changed since then. Mom should get that through her head.

Okay now I'm done. I feel a lot better. LJ's are amazing things aren't they?


Mar. 18th, 2005

The Drama Twins

Update from a Priv

First off I'm supposed to be working on Psych make up work but I'm avoiding it like the plegue. I promised my parents I'd do it anyway. I'm in deep shit with them as it is.

Anyway my day:

English: Got a new assignment after we handed in the first one. We have to basically over analyze a poem and then write an esssay about it.

Gym: Speedball again. I wanted to be on the same team with Andrew and Stefania and almost was until he decided to count off by threes instead of by fours. I still don't know how Andrew and Stefania managed to get on the same team. I managed to make a few good blocks and catches though. I was proud of myself.

IEP Meeting: It sucked. It absolutely sucked. I'm looking at a lifetime of grounding or at least a lifetime without looking at the computer at home. Turns out I'm failing psychology. My parents aren't too thrilled with that. So now I'm going to get my ass into geer and make this last term count before graduation.

Lunch: Sat with Ronny and Anya and briefly Maria. T.J wasn't there because he was still on his competition trip or whatever it was. Ronny, Anya, and I engaged in our usual rounds of sketchy conversations.

Little Band: On Evil's Wings and Elsa's. We listened to the way Elsa's was SUPPOSED to sound not how the NHS Symphonic band plays it. Also Mr. Cice gave us more Quebec information.

Creative Writing: Computer lab. Worked on my story on my character Jack Davidson. I changed his name, it used to be Jesse but thne I decided I liked Jack better for some reason. So far I have introduced two other characters besides Jack, Becca and Mr. O'Conner, there English teacher and Jack's best friend. I'll post my story later in a LJ cut. I expect feedback.

Now like I said I'm avoiding doing my psychology homework like the plegue. Anyhoo . . . after today you'll probably find that I have less updates than usual because like I sadi i'm looking at a lifetime away from the computer, at least until school's over. Grrr . . . oh well. I only have a month.

Anyhoo . . . QUOTES OF THE DAY:

"You ever heard that old saying 'No sound is made when a tree falls?' Although there may be some squirrels calling out OH SHIT!"
(Mr. Harmon today in English)

"Hi Steffie!"
"Hi Kaitlynn"
"Wow . . . I just called you Steffie."
"Whoa you did."
"Way too much time with T.J"
(Me and Kaitlynn today after band)

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