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Update from a Priv

First off I'm supposed to be working on Psych make up work but I'm avoiding it like the plegue. I promised my parents I'd do it anyway. I'm in deep shit with them as it is.

Anyway my day:

English: Got a new assignment after we handed in the first one. We have to basically over analyze a poem and then write an esssay about it.

Gym: Speedball again. I wanted to be on the same team with Andrew and Stefania and almost was until he decided to count off by threes instead of by fours. I still don't know how Andrew and Stefania managed to get on the same team. I managed to make a few good blocks and catches though. I was proud of myself.

IEP Meeting: It sucked. It absolutely sucked. I'm looking at a lifetime of grounding or at least a lifetime without looking at the computer at home. Turns out I'm failing psychology. My parents aren't too thrilled with that. So now I'm going to get my ass into geer and make this last term count before graduation.

Lunch: Sat with Ronny and Anya and briefly Maria. T.J wasn't there because he was still on his competition trip or whatever it was. Ronny, Anya, and I engaged in our usual rounds of sketchy conversations.

Little Band: On Evil's Wings and Elsa's. We listened to the way Elsa's was SUPPOSED to sound not how the NHS Symphonic band plays it. Also Mr. Cice gave us more Quebec information.

Creative Writing: Computer lab. Worked on my story on my character Jack Davidson. I changed his name, it used to be Jesse but thne I decided I liked Jack better for some reason. So far I have introduced two other characters besides Jack, Becca and Mr. O'Conner, there English teacher and Jack's best friend. I'll post my story later in a LJ cut. I expect feedback.

Now like I said I'm avoiding doing my psychology homework like the plegue. Anyhoo . . . after today you'll probably find that I have less updates than usual because like I sadi i'm looking at a lifetime away from the computer, at least until school's over. Grrr . . . oh well. I only have a month.

Anyhoo . . . QUOTES OF THE DAY:

"You ever heard that old saying 'No sound is made when a tree falls?' Although there may be some squirrels calling out OH SHIT!"
(Mr. Harmon today in English)

"Hi Steffie!"
"Hi Kaitlynn"
"Wow . . . I just called you Steffie."
"Whoa you did."
"Way too much time with T.J"
(Me and Kaitlynn today after band)
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