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Saturday morning rant

Okay so I lied. I can use the computer. For the time being at least.


This was a FUN Saturday morning. Last night my mom calls me and asks me to come over to her house on Sunday to cook something with her for my senior journey project. No big deal right? I mean it's only an hour or so with her.

Wrong. My parents had to make it into this big deal. My dad, and I can totally understand his reasoning for wanting this, thinks that because it's his day with me I should be with him, and my mom's all pissed off at both of us because I can't come.

God I hate being put in the middle of this. My mom does this all the time. My sister thinks she controdicts herself and I must say I agree. When it's Dad's vacation with us, and he wants to take us to Florida for the week she pitches a hissy fit because it somehow landed on Passover and we have to come early therefore making Dad and Judy pay for a separate flight ticket.

When we went for a whole ten days on the cruise with Mom, Dad made no objection, which was great because we couldn't talk to him at all that vacation seeing as it costed like 50 cents a minute to talk online to people. So really I could probably sent maybe one email to him. Dad wouldn't even dream of asking Mom to send us home early, and it was the boys' third birthday that weekend too and he didn't ask us to leave our vacation to go to it. Even though I felt awful about not being at the party.

Oh yeah, and when we came back and wanted to stay with Dad an extra day because we saw Mom and George all week, Mom pitched a fit. Sometimes she thinks she has full custody of us or something. Which she doesn't. We're with them half and half. I don't want to have to choose between my parents. I hate choosing between my parents. It's Dad's weekend and I should stay with Dad on his weekend and Mom on her weekend. Plain and simple. We've had this schedule since I was six years old. It hasn't changed since then. Mom should get that through her head.

Okay now I'm done. I feel a lot better. LJ's are amazing things aren't they?

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