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An actual update

So today was pretty good . . . at least after four.

Anya, Maria, Jill, and Ronny aka the Celtic Band Geeks, came over my house to chill because one we were bored, and two we haven't done anything with all five of us yet.

First we watched my Beowulf movie which Jill and Ronny took great pleasure in making fun of. The actual movie was funnier than the bloopers, but of course everyone loved Ryan practically "drowning" in the hot tub when Steph screamed his name. lol.

When Anya and Maria came we watched "Young Frankenstein" which of course is hilarious. We consumed a total of eight cans of ice-tea between the five of us. They also met my little brothers who came in and hung with us for about twenty minutes or so.

Oh yeah, and Maria spilled some of her ice-tea on my couch. But don't worry Maria, you didn't stain it. LOL. After everyone left Ronny hung around waiting for his mom to pick him up and we amused ourselves by playing volleyball with my brother's purple balloon. We're easily amused.

Well that's it, now for the quotes. There's a lot of them buckle up.


"How I Did It By Victor Frankenstein"
(The title of the book in the movie)

"Ronny, there are kids right next door!"
(Pretty much a reacurring comment because he was saying really inappropriot things around my three-year-old brothers)

"Yay for us without protection!"

"Why the hell are you in the bathroom? Give someone else a chance!!"
"Hey Stef, where's your bathroom?"
(Igor in the movie, then kind of had to be there lol)

(The monster in the movie and then all of us.)

"No, I was talking about the swings! *makes humping motion*"

"Whoa that thing looks like the end of a big trumpet"
(Ronny I think . . . )

"A big stand for a big trumpet. *looks at Maria*"
(Ronny again)

"A horse's stick!"

There's more but I can't remember them all. LOL.

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Heehee... Ronny said so much today lol
LOL yeah I know he did. And right in front of my three-year-old brothers too. That's where the whole "HEY MOMMY! I JUST LEARNED A NEW WORD!" thing comes in. LOL.