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Deleted comment just remind me what your old user name was.
add me!

its lisa!
Hi! I play Julie on Mickey's_Diner, and I'm friends with Chels and Emma. I guess you seem interesting, so I guess I'll add you if you add me???

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Someone ordered you a holiday card at The Badger's Burrow at hh_flourish. The card(s) is (are) delivered with this special post...

Happy holidays!

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Hello it's "dazed85" here, and this is my new journal, I have deleted my old journal and would be using this one from now on. Please add??
Yes, I have stumbled upon your lj. And you know what is wicked weird? I live in the next town over from you! Wellesley? Umm MA. Now that is weird. I thought I would point that out. By the way, this is the "other" Krissy aka Draco. =P Blehh.
Psst.... steffie! Add me porfavor? It's your favorite lil rican... did that make a good enough excuse?
I saw that you are a maintainer of a comm. that involves Zac Efron. I was wondering if you'd like to be an affiliate with my new comm., "anything_efron".


P.S. I sent this to all the maintainers, so sorry to bug all of you, but I wasn't sure who to send it to exactly, so I just sent this message to y'all.
hi, i added you as a friend because you're the only other 19 year old i've found who also enjoys HSM, lucas grabeel, and ryella. so....yay!
Hi Steffe!

It's Donelle aka reedygirl44/"Izzy" here! This is my journal from now on and have added you. Could you also change it in the info @ easthighschool? Thanks!




March 5 2008, 13:43:11 UTC 10 years ago

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